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So who is Angela Pickett Copywriter?

Well, for 15 years I was a public servant and diplomat in Australia, China and Vietnam. It was an awesome job helping Australian companies and promoting Australia overseas.

Sounds exciting right?

So how did I end up in the Barossa working as a copywriter?

Well, 5 years ago, I decided it was time for a career and lifestyle change. My husband, 2 boys and I finished our posting in Vietnam and moved to the Barossa Valley.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I wanted to do something was interesting and that would help people. I wanted the flexibility to spend time with my family and to be involved in the community.

One of the first things I did was start a blog. After years of working in government, it was fun writing about anything I wanted.

I started a Masters of Arts Management, building on my experience of running cultural events. Being in South Australia, I thought festival management might be my next career.

But before I finished studying, I ‘fell in’ to trade consulting and started my own business. It was interesting working with local businesses wanting to export.

I also started working for a small winemaker doing ‘everything but winemaking’. I learned about the wine business and the challenges of running a small business in regional Australia.

As it turned out, the trade consultancy was not the right fit for me. I gave it 2 years but then had to concede that it was time to move on. For some, it might have been a failure, but I learned a lot and made great connections.

And then a post I wrote about my son’s teeth being photoshopped went viral. After seeing my words reprinted around the world (and fielding requests to appear on various TV shows), I realised that I could be getting paid to write.

I explored feature writing but the process and being asked to write for free was frustrating.

I started writing a novel but realised it might be a little while before that would pay its way.

Then a friend introduced me to copywriting. She knew someone looking for a writer with international trade experience to write a blog for a corporate client. I wrote the blog, got paid and quickly signed up as a member of  The Clever Copywriting School.

I’d like to say, and the rest was history. But I actually spent 6 months learning from other copywriters.

And to be honest, I was nervous about starting another business so I started slowly.

And you know what happened next?

I announced my new career direction. A couple of friends volunteered to be guinea pig clients. I had some headshots taken and set up a basic website.

I realised that 20 years of writing for business, government and not-for-profits was valuable experience.

With a network of copywriters willing to share their knowledge, I had everything I needed to get started.

I found work. First within my copywriting network, including a sub-contracting role on a government website project.

I had the confidence – and the income to make the leap and back myself back into small business.

An old friend introduced me to an Italian friend of hers launching a start-up in the US. I’m now part of global team working on multiple tourism projects.

I’m excited about building a business that helps government, business and not-for profits build connections locally and overseas.

So that’s my story.

Now I want to hear yours, and so do your customers.

I can help you share it, so let’s talk.

Hi. I’m Angela Pickett.

I’m a copywriter living in the Barossa Valley.

I write articulate, approachable and adventurous content to help business, government and not-for-profits connect with their customers – wherever they are in the world.

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