Grow your business with emails that nurture leads and drive sales

Flexible email sequences 

Experienced small business copywriter

Friendly and approachable

Smooth, efficient process

If you’re not engaging with customers (and potential customers) via email, you’re missing out on opportunities.

Sure social media is fun, and a great place to connect.

But relying on social media platforms to build your customer base is like building a house on someone else’s land. You don’t own those contacts.

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to connect with customers.

But  starting out, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

What do you say?

How many emails should you send?

What can you offer to entice people to sign-up?

I can help.

From engaging email sequences  to lead magnets and landing pages. I’ll help you connect with your customers to build trust, provide value and help grow your business.

Whether you’re launching a new business, or building your existing brand, together we’ll enhance your email marketing, taking prospects from curious onlookers to converted customers.


 If you haven’t worked with a copywriter or created an email sequence before, you might wonder how the process works.

Unfortunately, I’m not a mind reader, so during the initial stages of the project, we’ll need to spend some time together.

I need to learn about your business, who you are, the customers you want to reach, and what you’re hoping to achieve.

Together, we’ll map out your email sequence, sharing the story of your business, and providing value to engage people as they sign-up.

But it doesn’t stop with emails.

If you need help to create a lead magnet or landing page, I can help you write the copy for those too.



Outsourcing the creation of your email sequence might seems like a big investment. But just like your website, these emails are working even when you aren’t.

A well-written email sequence will nurture prospective clients.

Imagine how much time it would take to have the same call with them – or to write and send the same email over and over

It’s not only time consuming, but who knows whether it will even have the right impact?

By investing in an affordable, professional written email sequence, lead magnet and landing page, you’re giving yourself the best chance to turn casual website visitors into committed customers.



Personality filled copy 

1 hour of discussion time

Easy-to-follow email structure

2 rounds of changes

Professional proofreading

Tips and resources


Email copywriting is ideal for:

  • Small business owners ready to nurture leads 
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a profile and brand loyalty
  • Founders looking to boost conversions with timely, targeted emails.

As a website copywriter working in regional South Australia, I also understand the special challenges of running a business outside the city. Plus, I’m a super curious person who loves researching and learning about new things.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with:

  • Rural finance brokers
  • HR professionals
  • Wine companies
  • Retailers (online and bricks and mortar shops)
  • Coaches
  • Wine companies
  • Bookkeepers
  • Resilience consultants
  • Real estate agents
  • Nor for profit foundations






I’m here to help transform your ideas into logical, ordered arguments that make it easy for your clients to buy from you.

After 15 years as a diplomat, a career change saw me trading the expat lifestyle for life in the Barossa Valley.

Copywriting has been the perfect second career. You mightn’t think there’s much in common between negotiating trade agreements and writing copy for business.

But there is. Superior communications skills, attention to detail, the ability to connect with people and problem solving skills make me an excellent copywriter.

And when it comes to email marketing, I love sharing my experience. You see, when I started out, I didn’t think I hadn’t anything to say. So I didn’t focus on building my list.

But now I have an email sequence, a sparkling lead magnet and send regular newsletters. 

So if you’re ready to start connecting with with your customers (and those that might be customers in the future), let’s work together. 

Together we’ll find the right words that make it easy for your customers to buy from you and to ultimately nurture and grow your business.

A client’s dream – delivers crisp, clever copy that’s ready to go.

“Angela is a thoughtful, creative copywriter with amazing attention to detail. Best of all, she genuinely listens. Even with a messy brief, an erratic client and an urgent deadline she takes on board all directions and implements them carefully, and clearly. And the copy? Well, it’s conversational, warm and entirely on brand.

She’s easy to work with, super-fast and just pleasant to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Honestly, she’s a bit of a client’s dream. She takes all the stress away and delivers crisp, clever copy that’s ready to go. Highly recommended.”

Kate Toon

Founder, Stay Tooned Group of Companies

Nailed my tone and style to convey passion and purpose

Angela was enthusiastic, helpful, and really listened to my vision and needs.

She did a great job of pulling the disparate information together and nailing my tone, voice and style, to convey my passion and purpose.

I can’t wait to see the final copy on my website. Thank you, Angela.

Nirelle Bennett

Hypnotherapist, Gippsland Hypnotherapy

Professional, friendly and the copy match the brief.

We engaged Angela to write copy for our new Hatch Wines website. Angela was professional and friendly, listened and was easy to communicate with.

The quality copy she created perfectly matched the brief.

Chris Hatcher

Owner and Winemaker , Hatch Wines

Thorough questions and guidance helped bring my brand to life.

I engaged Angela in the very early days of starting my business. Angela’s thorough questions and guidance really helped me to bring my brand to life. I literally cried when I read my first draft! Angela had captured so much more than the brief. She captured my personality, tone of voice, and my story. She was very professional and engaged through the whole project. I look forward to working with Angela again in the future.

Melissa Fletcher

Owner, Lunar & Mae




Ready for your email marketing to work as hard as you do?

If you’re wondering whether now is the right time to invest in professionally written, personality filled emails, enticing lead magnets and engaging landing pages,  then answer this.

If not now, when?

You know the saying.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

The sooner you invest in great copy for your business, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of your business.


Do you load the email copy into my email platform?

No. You need to do it yourself or get some help from a virtual assistant. I’m happy to recommend people that can help.

Do I need to fill in a brief?

Ideally, it helps if you can provide answers to a range of questions so I can understand your business and your unique tone of voice. But I know that sometimes finding the right words can be hard. That’s why I’m happy to complete the brief with you over a Zoom call. I record this so I can go back and refer to it.

What information do I need to give you?

Apart from the information I ask for in the brief, it’s also great to have any case studies and testimonials. If you have a marketing or brand guide (that’s up to date), that’s good too.

Do you have payment plans?

I invoice most projects in 2 instalments. But for larger projects, or projects with additional elements, I can break this down into multiple payments.

I’m overseas. Can I work with you?

Of course. The beauty of creating content is we can chat via email and I can send you videos. And while time zones can sometimes be tricky, it’s not impossible.

Why do you need me to sign a proposal?

Signing my proposal protects us both and protects your investment in your copywriting.

Is copywriting the same as copyright?

No. Copywriting is writing the words for your business. Copyright is about protecting those words.

Imagine how you’ll feel knowing that every person who signs up to your list is receiving a professionally written and engaging email. 

And more importantly, emails that are building a connection with your clients, helping you to build your business and create the life you deserve.

By working with a copywriter who gets your business (like me), we’ll boost your email marketing so you never miss another lead.