How I Work

A brief introduction to working with a copywriter

If you’ve never worked with a copywriter before, you might wonder how the process actually works.

While every project is a little different, the process is generally the same whether I’m writing website copy, a sales page or blog posts.

I’ve outlined my copywriting process below.

To get the best outcome for your project, you need to find a copywriter you can work collaboratively with.

My goal is to make every project easy and enjoyable for me and my clients.

I want you to finish the project feeling happy and satisfied with your content.

About Angela Picket How I Work



We’ll have a brief chat on Zoom and get to know each other. You can explain what you need and I'll provide a ballpark quote. If you’re keen to go ahead, I’ll send you a proposal for you to sign.


I’ll send you a detailed proposal outlining the work involved, the cost, and my terms and conditions. Once you’ve signed it and sent it back, I’ll set the timeline for the project.


Once you’ve signed the proposal, I’ll invoice you for 50% of the project fee (100% if the project is under $750). Once you’ve paid, we can start. I send the final invoice when I send the first draft. 


I’ll send you a document setting out the timeline for your project. It will show the date I’ll provide each draft and when I need feedback or payments from you to keep the project on track.


I’ll send you a document with lots of questions. It’s great if you can start filling it in and we’ll complete it on the call. This stage may also include SEO keyword research and client interviews.


I’ll create an outline with suggested headings and content for each section. I’ll write a draft paragraph to get your tone and voice right. Expect questions and requests for more information.


Once you’re happy with the skeleton draft, I write the first draft. This is your chance to change the structure, tone, and content. By the second draft, the copy is 90% done, with only minor gaps for you to fill in.


After you send me the second draft, I’ll finish the copy. Then it goes to my proof reader before I send the final version to you. I don’t load copy onto your website, but I look at it once it’s live to make sure everything looks right.


When your project is finished, I’ll send a document transferring the copyright to and requesting feedback. I’ll may also ask for a testimonial and a copy of your logo to share on my website and social media.