My Approach


For me, collaboration is everything

Hi, I’m Angela Pickett and I believe working closely together is the best way to build trust and help my clients think strategically. I’m here to help transform your ideas into logical, ordered arguments that make it easy for your clients to buy from you.

Using my superior communication, analytical and organisational skills, I create straight-talking sales pages and winning web copy to showcase and grow your business.

About Angela Picket My Approach


To get the best results for you and your business, you need to find a copywriter that gets you, and that you genuinely enjoy working with. 

As a business human, I pride myself on being:

I’m positive, creative and get as excited by your project as you do. There’s nothing I love more than working closely with people and learning new skills.

I’ll set out a detailed structure and direction for your project, focusing on every detail to ensure I deliver your project on time and on budget.

With grey hairs comes great knowledge (!) gained through a varied career in government and in businesses of all sizes. For you, that means there’s no problem I haven’t seen and solved before.

I am welcoming, friendly, fair and inclusive, so what you see is what you get. This means that I’m open to discussion, and working together with you on your content to get it right.


You might think that negotiating trade agreements and organising ministerial visits has little to do with copywriting. 

But the truth is the qualities that made me a successful diplomat serve me even better as a copywriter:

  • I’m skilled at connecting with everyone from school kids, artists and volunteers to business people, government officials and politicians.

  • I bring people together to collaborate, negotiate and reach solutions so we’re all singing from the same song sheet.

  • I have excellent planning and organisation skills and attention to detail, ensuring your project will run smoothly from start to finish.

  • I can communicate across language and cultural barriers, mirroring the language I’m hearing to make your copy sound like you.

  • I’m focused on inclusivity, using simple, straightforward language and accessible content to ensure my clients can reach everyone in their audience.

  • I appreciate different cultures, languages and beliefs and the richness this brings to our community.

  • I’m curious, always learning, prepared to respond, change and compromise to reach a solution.


It’s fair to say I never realised how much I would enjoy being a copywriter when I started a few years after leaving my diplomatic career.

But I don’t think I could have found a more perfect second career if I’d tried.

There is so much I love about talking to people and playing with words all day:

  • Working with clients, hearing their plans, and seeing business grow

  • Collaborating with other business owners, including web developers and designers 

  • Networking and being part of supportive copywriting, digital marketing and local business communities

  • Hearing a client say “this is exactly what I wanted to say or this sounds like me but better”

  • Encouraging people like me who’ve changed careers to share the skills and experience they already have.


Translated complex and dense information into user and SEO friendly content.

Angela’s work on a hefty government website project was on point and on deadline. She expertly translated complex and dense information into user friendly AND SEO friendly content. Look forward to working with you again, Ange!

Amanda Van Elderen

Copywriter and Content Specialist, WorkWords Content

Conveyed our brand’s message and tone succinctly and creatively

I reached out to Angela for some help to bring a tourism copy project for our website and printed collateral to life with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

She was so organised and presented her work in a brilliantly structured manner. Angela was so insightful and patient that I wish I had her on my team every day!

I really appreciate Angela’s artistry, thoughtfulness and ability to convey our brand’s message and tone succinctly and creatively.

Pippa Merrett

Marketing and Communications Manager, Two Hands Wines

Beyond thrilled with my HR course sales page copy.

Angela took my words and made them sound so much more engaging.

From our initial meeting, Angela understood my product and what I wanted to achieve.

The process was easy, and the structure helped me to understand what was coming next.

I will definitely use Angela’s services again.

Karen Bryant

Director, Latitude Recruitment