My Brand Story


I love a good story. Here’s mine.

Hanoi to the Barossa

I spent years on the public servant and diplomat roller coaster. Nothing beats the highs of a posting. Beijing, Canberra and Hanoi. Bringing Bangarra Dance Company, Questacon and various other artists to Vietnam was the highlight. Special times, but exhausting.

So, in 2014, we relocated to the picturesque Barossa Valley, South Australia. Time to slow down. Time for new beginnings. A vine change.

Best of all worlds

You might not think there’s much in common between a career negotiating trade agreements and organising ministerial visits, and the work I’m now doing as a copywriting.

And for a long time, I thought the same.

But it turns out, the skills I needed to be a diplomat serve me even better as a copywriter:

We found our new adventure

I’m a sneaky wine enthusiast. Not in a boozy way, but in a taster, critic kind of way. I blame my husband. As the manager of a tasting room, he knows a thing or two about good wine. And we seem to keep making friends that make and sell wine. Funny that.

My diplomat years brought me to where I am today. More writing than I could throw a stick at, but finding and building connections was invaluable. Getting inside the head of your ideal client and get them shouting for more. I knew with my experience and skills I could go it alone. So, I made a big career change to put my writing skills to good use.

Change of career turned my corner

These days, you’ll find me in my home office, a short stroll to the main street, vineyards and sheep paddocks. When I’m not working, I’m likely to be playing taxi driver to my 2 boys. When I do get some time to myself, I’ll have my nose stuck in a good book, creating culinary delights or planning my family’s next adventure. I should work out at the local gym more often and I’d love to get back into running.

Here’s how I can help you

I’m here to help you transform your ideas into logical, ordered arguments. Using my superior communication, analytical and organisational skills, I’ll create straight talking sales pages and winning web copy to showcase and grow your business.