Book a sales page audit to improve your page, sell more and grow your business


If you can’t remember the last time you booked a client directly from your services page, you probably need a sales page audit.

Are you constantly wasting time explaining your services and preparing proposals for the wrong clients?

Or worse, having to justify your pricing?

I can help.

Before you start doubting yourself, or your skills, let’s have a good look at your services page.

With my sales page audit, I’ll review you’re the structure, content, and flow of your services page and identify improvements.

You’ll get a clear 10-point plan of suggested changes to help you turn your services page into a valuable sales tool.

Simple 10-point plan
Video explanation
Easy to follow suggestions
Experienced sales page copywriter


A sales page audit is a super simple, easy-to-implement first step in transforming your services page.

  1. We’ll have a quick chat so I understand your business and the clients you serve.
  2. I’ll review your services page, and provide a document outlining 10 things you can do to improve your page..
  3. We’ll have a short Zoom call so I can explain how you can take your page from a drab services page to a fab sales page that actually sells.

Need more help?

Upgrade to my premium package to get an hour long Zoom call to talk through the suggestions and start implementing them.

If you’re not using your services page to sell your services, then you’re selling yourself, and your business short.


The sales page audit it about giving you simple, practical suggestions that you can make STRAIGHT AWAY to improve your services page and start making sales.

Detailed audit of the structure, content and flow of your services page.

10 straightforward, easy to implement suggestions.

Zoom call recording for you to refer to,  or to share with your website developer.


If you’re a service based business, I’ve developed this sales page audit for you.

  • Professional Services
  • Accountants
  • Financial advisors
  • Marketing consultants
  • Business advisors


I know exactly what it’s like to have a services based website that doesn’t deliver.

For the first few years of my copywriting business, I had a single services page, and while it looked good, it didn’t deliver.

It was missing key content, like pricing and detailed information about my services.

My lacklustre services page meant I wasted my time talking to clients who were the wrong fit, and who weren’t prepared to invest in a copywriter for their business.

But once I started writing sales pages for other clients (and doing the Clever Copywriting School Sales Page course), I saw how I could transform my services page.

 By adding key information and elements, it’s become a valuable sales tool.

And now, I can help you do the same.



I can’t guarantee you increased sales.

You still need to know your audience, and have the skills to deliver your service.

But what I can guarantee is that the sales page audit will provide improvements that will leave your services page better than I found it.

Re-worked my sales page to sound professional and easy-to-read.

I recently had Angela re-work an existing sales page that I’d tried improving myself many times over and was just too close to it, to see where to even start. 

Angela reworked the page in such a professional, easy-to-read way (and reworking anything that was too ‘salesy’) and made the page flow so nicely. 

The result? My biggest launch to date with 33 enrolments and over $65k in revenue.  The entire process was so easy. 

Angela is incredibly organised and efficient and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Angela! I will be back!

Jodie Minto

eCommerce & Digital Marketing Coach | Meta Ads Strategist, Jodie Minto

A client’s dream – delivers crisp, clever copy that’s ready to go.

Angela is a thoughtful, creative copywriter with amazing attention to detail. Best of all, she genuinely listens. Even with a messy brief, an erratic client and an urgent deadline she takes on board all directions and implements them carefully, and clearly. And the copy? Well, it’s conversational, warm and entirely on brand.

She’s easy to work with, super-fast and just pleasant to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Honestly, she’s a bit of a client’s dream. She takes all the stress away and delivers crisp, clever copy that’s ready to go. Highly recommended.

Kate Toon

Founder, Stay Tooned Group of Companies

Beyond thrilled with my HR course sales page copy.

Angela took my words and made them sound so much more engaging.

From our initial meeting, Angela understood my product and what I wanted to achieve.

The process was easy, and the structure helped me to understand what was coming next.

I will definitely use Angela’s services again.

Karen Bryant

Director, Latitude Recruitment



Got more than one page?

No problem.

I’m happy to provide a tailored package and quote.


If you make changes and get in touch within 1 month of your sales page review, I’ll review your page and send you a follow-up email.


Stop wasting your time on calls and proposals for people that aren’t right for your service.

Or worse, changing your service or pricing only to win over the wrong client, instead of attracting the right client.


I get it.

If you haven’t had someone audit your website before, you might have a few questions.

Here are some of the most common questions about my sales page audit process.

Is the Sales Page Audit guaranteed to improve my sales?

Short answer – no. There are so many things that affect why your business might not be making sales.

What if there is nothing wrong with my page?

If there is absolutely nothing wrong with your page, I’d doubt you be getting in touch.

I’ll be looking at your page with fresh eyes so I can make suggests about things to improve or add.

How many pages are included?

Just one. But I can provide a quote and tailor a package if you have multiple services pages you’d like me to review.

Will you make changes for me?

No. The audit only includes suggested changes.

But if you decide you’d like your sales page rewritten, I can definitely give you a quote.

What if I don't have the skills to make the suggested changes?

With each suggestion, I’ll let you know who could help you.

You might need a copywriter for content, a graphic designer for images or icons or a web developer to make changes on your website. 


Like life, there are no guarantees with websites or copywriting.

There are so many things that can affect how your sales page works. I’m not critiquing your service or rewriting your copy.

But with the sales page audit, you’ll have the information to make changes so you can start improving your sales page.