Offer: Simple Website Review

Offer: Simple Website Review

The Cleanskin website review This was not the post I was planning to write this week. Nor was I planning to launch a Simple Website Review offer. I was planning on launching a comprehensive website review package. But I decided that was probably more than people...
My 5 favourite productivity tools

My 5 favourite productivity tools

I recently shared my 5 favourite copywriting tools. So today I wanted to share my 5 favourite productivity tools. In this first year of working for myself, I’ve learned that I need to be organised. There is no one else to make sure I meet client deadlines. And I...
My 5 favourite copywriting tools

My 5 favourite copywriting tools

When I wrote a list of my favourite copywriting tools, I had over five. But then I looked at the list and decided to split them into two posts. So today, I’m sharing the five tools that help me with writing copy. And next week, I’ll share some other tools, which are...


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