The Cleanskin website review

cleanskin website review

This was not the post I was planning to write this week. Nor was I planning to launch a Simple Website Review offer. I was planning on launching a comprehensive website review package.

But I decided that was probably more than people needed (or could afford) right now. Booking a full website review would be a bit like buying a dozen of your favourite wines.

I wanted to provide something that would help small business during these crazy, uncertain times.

So think of this review as a single bottle of a cleanskin wine. Same great wine, but in a single bottle and without the fancy packaging.

I could have used a toilet paper analogy and suggested this review is just about taking what you need.  A 4-pack instead of greedily hoarding multiple 32-packs. But I think we’re all sick of toilet paper jokes.

May you live in interesting times

I lived in Beijing in 2003 during SARS, so at the start, I was quite relaxed about news stories of COVID-19. But it’s clear that this situation is very different.

The situation, even in Australia, is changing daily. Aside from health concerns, we’re all trying to understand the impact on business.

It’s a very tough time for small business, who are still recovering after the tragic summer bushfire season. It’s especially tough for shops and those that rely on markets to sell products and build mailing lists.

Today (20 March), there’s not much support for the 60 percent of businesses in Australia without employees. I’m fortunate to be part of several online communities. They’re a huge support and are also lobbying government.

My first year in business

This week I was planning to write about my first year in business. It’s been a year since I sent my first client invoice.

That’s why I was going to launch a comprehensive website review package that would help other businesses in their first year. It would have covered keywords, SEO and copy. I was targeting people who had built their own websites but needed some expert help.

Two weeks ago, fear replaced my excitement about my first year in business. One of my biggest clients, an agency in Italy working with tourism companies, put things on hold. They’re still in lockdown, and we don’t know when we’ll kick off again.

Cancellations and the fear of lockdown

Locally we’ve watched our kids sporting activities, including grand finals and end-of-season presentations cancelled. The supermarkets have gone crazy as a pack mentality of hoarding has kicked in.

Local cellar doors and restaurants are trying to stay open as long as they can. They’ve put in place social distancing (our new phrase for 2020?) and hygiene measures.

As a country, we’ve shut our borders.

Should I be marketing my business?

Many businesses have questioned whether they should be marketing.

But we all need to find the opportunities where they exist.

There are restaurants here in the Barossa that would never have offered take away. They’re doing it now because they’ve had to be innovative about how they trade.

For me, working at home alone and online is nothing new.

I’ve spent the last week working out what I could offer that would be useful to small businesses. Something that was affordable, but offered maximum value.

Simple Website Review

simple website review

I’ve come up with a basic website review package to look at:

Website basics

  • Does your website load slowly?
  • Are your pictures too big?
  • Is there anything slowing your website down?


  • Do you have typos or grammatical mistakes?
  • Does it all make sense?
  • Is it clear what you are selling?
  • Is your unique selling point clear?


  • Are your menus right?
  • Is your website easy to navigate?
  • How easy is it for customers to get in touch?

Pop-ups and calls to action

  • Do you have them?
  • Are they set up right?

SEO basics

  • Are you using your keywords?
  • Do you have title tags and meta descriptions?
  • I’ll include links to further training and resources so you can build skills and keep making improvements.

The review is AUD$187 + GST.

I’ll help get your website working as hard as it can during this period when we’re all online.

To help you get your products in front of the right customers.

If you think this would help you or you’ve got questions, please email me.

The process/fine print

  • Payment up front via bank transfer or credit card.
  • I’ll get you to fill in a basic briefing document to get started.
  • To start with, I’m offering 5 reviews per week for the next 2 weeks.

Angela Pickett.

Barossa Valley creator of powerful words for purposeful, small local business.

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